Excel Treatment and Amino Acid Therapy

Many people’s lives have been affected in some way by REWARD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (RDS), either as a child, parent, sibling or spouse. Sadly, one third of the population expresses one form or another of Reward Deficiency Syndrome behavior.

Physicians battle addict’s cravings on a daily basis, and with reward deficiency disorders afflicting as many as 100 million individuals in the U.S. The relationship between low dopamine levels and addictive behavior is key to helping physicians treat patients in a primary care setting.

Excel Treatment Program offers a comprehensive diagnostic drug and alcohol treatment clinic that’s dedicated to the growing population of this devastating disease. We implement the most effective state of the art technology in the treatment of this disease. Excel Treatment is one out of only five clinics in the United States that implements the treatment in genetic and environmental addictions. Excel utilizes diagnostic gene testing when needed to test for alcohol genetic predispositions. We are fortunate this treatment is offered in the state of Colorado. Excel is changing and repairing the biochemistry of the brain by understanding the genetic DNA that at birth contains the gene of addiction. We are finally beating the war on addiction.

Excel provides comprehensive treatment covering the full spectrum of recovery. Excel offers amino acid intravenous treatment for the repair of genetic addiction, clinical acupuncture for environmental addictions, group alcohol and drug education classes, group alcohol and therapy classes, individual therapy, relapse prevention groups, monitored U.A.’s, antabuse and naltrexone distribution for court sanctioned alcohol treatment, and we also provide in-house prescriptions including liver blood profile workups.

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